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Lastly, Mac Donald, an archaeologist with extensive experience in Transjordan echos Finkelstein and Silberman's observations about the sites mentioned in the Exodus scenarios being mostly occupied in the 7th-6th centuries B. thus dating the Exodus account to this era: On the basis of textual and literary study of these texts plus archaeological evidence from biblical sites identified with confidence, we may conclude that the passages in question probably date to the end of the Iron II period.

Only then were most of the identified sites occupied; there is little or no evidence of their occupation during either the Iron I or early Iron II Age"My experience in the field of Near Eastern archaeology has led me to the general conclusion that the biblical stories about Transjordanian places and events best fit into the Iron II period and later.

The site analyzed 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages between potential daters to examine the role that food played in sparking conversations.

Daters who mentioned avocados—and particularly guacamole—in their profiles fared exceptionally: They saw a 91 percent and 144 percent increase in incoming messages, respectively.

Chocolate mentions also led to a 100 percent spike in messages, a find that perhaps lends some credibility to the centuries-long belief that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. While potatoes proved to be a high-ranking choice (with a 101 percent increase in incoming messages), daters who mentioned fellow tubers such as yams saw a 70 percent decrease in incoming messages.

And while using words like “foodie” and “cook” in profiles resulted in more incoming messages (82 percent and 26 percent, respectively), talking about food in messages did not.

However, recent archaeological evidence indicates that opposition to such a passage would be understandable during the Iron II period.This does not mean that the present writer denies that there are older traditions behind the biblical narratives.However, THE TEXTS IN QUESTION WERE MOST PROBABLY WRITTEN IN LIGHT OF THE SETTLEMENT CONDITIONS THAT PREVAILED IN THE IRON II PERIOD AND PROBABLY TOWARDS THE END OF THAT PERIOD. anonmyous Exilic author "thought" were in existence in the timeframe (1512/1446 B. As already noted by Finkelstein and Mac Donald not even the Late Iron Age II has _all_ the sites appearing in the narratives occupied.This conclusion comes from a general knowledge of the results of current archaeological work throughout Jordan and specifically from my archaeological survey work south of Wadi al-Hasa, in the Southern Ghors and Northeast `Arabah, and in the Tafila-Busayra region (beginning 1999).The findings of the above-listed surveys indicate there are few, if any, Late Bronze Age materials and a paucity of Iron I Age materials in the areas being surveyed.

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