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Cariath-Arbe is also mentioned among the towns occupied by the children of Juda after the captivity ( Nehemiah ). ’Arbó ) tells us that in his day (fourth century) it was merely a large hamlet; but the neighbourhood has always been dear to pagans, Jews, and Christians alike ( Eusebius, "Vita Constantini", III, li, lii, in P. The town itself is often styled by the chroniclers of that period Castel Saint-Abraham, Præsidium or Castellum ad Sanctum Abraham. Augustine was installed to take charge of the basilica (de Rozière, "Cartulaire du Saint-Sépulchre", 120, 142, etc., 171).Under Syrian domination, it passed into the hands of the Idumeans ; Judas Machabeus , who drove them out, razed the fortifications of Chebron ( 1 Maccabees ). At the time of the great Jewish rebellion, Simon ben Giora captured Hebron from the Romans; but the town was soon retaken, shortly before the siege of Jerusalem, by Cerealis, one of Vespasian's generals, who ravaged it with fire and sword (Josephus, "Bel. It was with great difficulty that Hebron ever recovered. A curious document relating to the medieval period and taken from a fifteenth-century manuscript, is found in the "Recueil des historiens des croisades" (Hist.

The explanation of the name Kiriat-Arba by the Bible shows all others to be merely fanciful. Jerome (De locis et nominibus locorum Hebraicorum, s. It soon afterwards became a city of refuge, falling to the lot of the children of Aaron ( Joshua 20:7 , , 13 ; 1 Chronicles , 57 ).Hence the division of this article into two parts: (I) Biblical Epoch, (II) Christian Epoch. The Bible, however, insists over and over again on the true origin of the name: "Cariath-Arbe the father of Enac, which is Hebron" ( Joshua ; ). It appears under the form Cheburo on Egyptian monuments of the second milennium B. Isaac and Jacob dwelt at Mambre, and it was from the "vale of Hebron" that Joseph was sent towards Sichem and Dothain to inquire after his brethren ( Genesis , 17 ).Hebron is one of the earliest towns mentioned in history. Jud., IV, ix, 7) says that in his time the town was already 2300 years old. The Hebrew spies sent by Moses into Chanaan went as far as Hebron, and it was from the adjacent valley of Escol that they brought back a vine-branch with its cluster of grapes, and some pomegranates and figs ( Numbers -25 ).A letter of Clement IV, dated 1 June, 1267, orders the Patriarch of Jerusalem to supply the church of Hebron with a priest (Eubel, "Hierarchia Catholica", I, 283). P., 1273-1283, the bishops of Hebron were merely titulars, and a great confusion existed in their list ( Lequien, "Oriens Christ.", III, 639-642, 1269-1270; Gams, "Series episc.", 435; Eubel, op. Cardinal Mermillod was at one time Titular of Hebron.The titular at present is Monsignor Petkoff, Vicar Apostolic of the Uniat Bulgarians in Thrace, who resides at Adrianople.

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David ordered the murderers to be put to death ; their hands and feet were cut off, and hanged up over the pool in Hebron ( 2 Samuel 4:2-12 ). At the time of the Arab conquest in 637, Hebron, for all these reasons, was chosen as one of the four holy cities of Islam.

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