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The Buddhists and the Jains who branched out of Hinduism with discontent were content with ethics and did not focus on Supreme Principal or God.There were as many as 72 schools of philosophy conflicting with one another.Unfortunately Ganapatyam, Kaumaram and Saivam joined hands together and also attracted Saktam to their fold making Parvati as Paraasakti creating a strong battle field between Vaishnavas and the majority combined force.In this conflict Smaarta tradition got confined to small pockets here and there.In USA Sanketis have maintained their cultural identity and formed a cultural organization called NASA, North American Sanketi Association, since 1984 who do not fail to meet and discuss annually.They are a group of high intellectuals with strong cultural advancement in Vedic studies and fine arts.He kept Brahma out of the Trinity in his Panchayatana worship not to offend the Puraanic lores.

Towards this he spent the latter part of his life in composing many slokas on all the six deities he recommended for worship besides the philosophic verses of Bhaja Govindam, Bhakti leading to Jnaana., which included contributions from his immediate followers.

But it bewilders casual visitors from major religion of the country being conducted in a divine language with lot of complex rituals and worships for many deities.

Hindus often try to explain it away by the Vedic wisdom of “During early Vedic period prayers were directed to gods like Indra, Agni, Varuna and others.

Today in India we have four traditions in Hinduism—Saiva, Sakta, Vaishanava and Smaarta out of which Smaarta Tradition seem to be more logical and apt for Americans which needs detailed explanation.

Sankara took a veritable task of streamlining Bhaktimaarga (path of devotion) by removing the crudities that has crept in and by re-establishing the six main categories of worship of the Hindu deities from Vedic period and later, namely, Ganapatyam, Saivam, Vaishanvam, Saktam, Kumaram and Sauram (worship of Ganapati, Siva, Vishnu, Ambika, Skanda and Surya).

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Bhagavdgeeta says that He, the Supreme Lord will respond to the devotees in whichever form they worship Him and in whichever way they approach Him.

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