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All totalled, it’s more than 80 pages of great “good girl” art action, adventure and intrigue in sharp, clean black and white with color covers, standard comic book size, saddle stitched. Cover Artist: Will Meugniot Synopsis: The FF face a NEW supervillain in “The Taming Of The Shrew”, written by fan favorite Eric Lindberg!FF creator BILL BLACK returns to write AND draw a feature-length SYNN adventure !!Then, the full team is back in action fighting together in a very DIFFERENT kind of FEMFORCE story; “The Taming Of The Shrew”, written by longtime AC fan favorite Eric Lindberg., fondly remembered for his long-running “Rowena” series.This is Eric’s first foray into writing the FF girls themselves, and he hits THIS one OUT of the BALLPARK on his FIRST SWING!!BULLETMAN was a frequent and popular feature in early issues of MOM, but we haven’t run him lately.This issue we rectify that with a rollicking romp pitting BULLETMAN and BULLETGIRL against The Wizard, from Wow Comics #36.All this plus LADY LUCK, The SPACE RANGERS and another surprise or two, all in Men of Mystery #108, 140 pages of black and white classic reprints NOT seen ANYWHERE since their original printings 60-plus years ago, in standard comic book size and format, saddle-stitched with a full-color cover; .95 from AC Comics in late May, 2018.Preorder it at your local comic dealer from the March issue of Diamond Previews.

Bob Powell’s MAN in BLACK appeared mainly in short stories later in his run; early on, MIB ran at feature length.This issue will showcase one of his earliest appearances (from All New #14), “Underground To Oblivion” GREEN LAMA rings in with a Jack Binder-drawn saga from his early Prize Comics run as he investigates some stolen Iriqouis artifacts.A quartet of other heroes will make only only their SECOND appearance EVER in MOM this time around, and that group includes the boy hero BOMBSHELL (drawn by Norman Maurer), Dr.Then, CAT-MAN’s distaff partner The KITTEN finds herself in an impossible death trap in this issue’s installment of the “Wars And Rumors Of War” serial, written and drawn by Rock Baker, with inks by Luis Alonzo.Andrew Hawnt’s urban ninja heroine, VIOLET SHADOW returns as her worst nightmare seems heading for fruition in “Blood Of Ages”, with art by Emanuel Demba.

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Add it all up, and it’s the MOM standard 140 pages of great full-story reprints in black and white (inside a full-color cover), printed at standard comic book size, and saddle stitched, for $29.95. Find out how all these disparate elements fit together in “Another Brick In The Wall”, a FEMFORCE lead feature in three chapters, written by Mark Heike, with art by Dave Matsuoka, Jeff Austin, Javier Lugo, Dan Gorman and Chris Dreier.

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