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She put her i Phone ear buds in, and settled back for what was going to be a three hour journey.

Chapter Two I SAW MY UNCLE WAITING in the bus station as we pulled in.

"Uncle Henry, so good to see you." "It's been much too long Addy," he said in his gravelly voice. I'm six foot and the top of your head is almost level with my chest." "Makes kissing you easier uncle," I replied, as I went onto tiptoe, pulled his head down, and planted a big kiss on his chin.

I picked up my backpack, and we held hands as we walked to his old beat up Ford pickup; it had as many dents and scratches, as lines on my uncle's face.

But Maggie seemed a little young for Uncle Henry; I knew he was much older than Mom, I think she said he was sixty five. " "Okay Addy, anything for my little niece." "I'm not little anymore, I'm almost thirteen and almost five foot," I said, as I took my denim jacket off.

"What did Brenda say about you dropping her and dating her daughter? I'm sure the wheels'll fall off if she ever found out. Might find me another filly to join my stable." "Uncle Henry, you're too much." As we pulled into his driveway, he hit the brakes; they squealed in protest as he brought the old truck to a stop. I noticed that Uncle Henry was looking at my breasts.

I couldn't wait for them to develop and get bigger, although Mom said not to hope too much, as she only wore A-cup bras." "Because you've always been my Addison, my little girl and always will be." "You're so sweet. She hoisted her backpack over her right shoulder and walked up the steps of the Trailways bus, where she handed her ticket to the driver and took the window seat at top of the steps.There were only ten people on board as the bus pulled out of the station.I wasn't wearing a bra under my camisole and I'm sure there were a couple of bumps showing as I felt my nipples rubbing against the cotton.A lot of the girls in my grade started wearing padded training bras as soon as their mothers would get them one.

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